These are the main services I offer you at Vozex® (castilian spanish and basque). In case you have a different requirement
related to the voice just let me know and let’s see what I can do for you.

You can use my voice for your apps and Elearning trainings.
Narration for audiobooks and voice for audiodescriptions.
TV Spots, Internet, Product or Service videos…
Corporate voice for company videos, institutional, exhibitions and shows…
Slots, corporate voice, podcast, jingles, promos…
Film characters, series, videogames, cartoons, realities…


Here you can watch and listen several examples to get an idea of how my voice fits in some projects I performed or in other cases as a demo to show how could it be.

Let´s Talk

If you have any inquiry concerning the services I offer,
please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help.


How I work


First Contact

First of all, I talk to the customer and listen to their needs and ideas. I analyse the length of the work, time of execution, distribution media, voice royalties, etc. and work out a quotation that will best fit the project.


Personalized Demo

After the quotation is approved and it is defined what and how is the work going to be carried out, I proceed to the recording of a couple of demos on the final text so that we ensure that the customer is pleased with the result.



As I get the green light from the customer I prepare and work on the complete text, adding the necessary recording guidelines. From here I step up to the mic and record the work following the guidelines agreed in the previous phases.



Once the text is recorded I carefully listen to it and in case of need I equalize it, remove silences, divide into tracks and everything which is considered appropriate so that the audio has a professional sound and is ready to be used by the customer.



Depending on what was agreed with the customer, the file will be delivered in the most convenient way (Ftp, Dropbox, Wetransfer, e-mail, drive…). The format, quality and frequency of the file will be as well the ones determined with the customer.



Continuous improvement is vital for me and that’s the reason why the satisfaction of my customers is something I self-impose on every project. In order to get their feedback I send a brief satisfaction survey after the project is finished so that the customer can assess the service provided.